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You made this with flash?

Wow, this is amazing! You made this with flash??
Well done. It's funny and for some reason very addicting to watch. Get yourself a lawyer, this might become huge.

grabbelfant responds:

I'm not sure what you meen with "you made this with flash" You're looking at a SWF file witch is a Flash-format. So what you see is all flash, and the final result is also made with flash (on the end).

On the other side... we made movie with a camera and stopmotioned a bit, filmed a bit and afterwards did some after effects (a bit). No flash was used in that proces.

There is one other strange way to interpretate your question. No we didn't use a photocamera with flash, we used a filmcamera.

Thanks for the review.

Well that was a pitty

You screwed up the beatifull song by adding that baby.
Johnny Cash doesn't deserve that.
So bad points for you.

Yaaa motherbitches~~!!!1

* Claps his hands
Amazing Graphics
Amazing Sound
Amazing Style
Amazing movie
And an amazing comeback from the_great_Jon

The-Great-Jon responds:

Haha, it's seems im always making a comeback to you maggot, it takes time to make thease, by the time im done making my next film, it'll be a comeback. Anyway, good to hear from my #1 fan!!! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA MOTHER BITCHES!!!!!!!!!!!111

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Love it :)

Hey, not that bad

I like your graphics a lot! They are very nice.
I think it's good to have a 'male'- dress up on NG, eventhough I'm not gay. That way NG will be more attractive for the women too.
Nice work! I hope to see more of your flash.


Now this is what I'm talking about, finally I can shoot that asshole af a strawberry back under momas skirt.Get Inside ma brohym~~!!!8!!!

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I'm giving you my 5

Just because I'm a nice guy! :-)
And because you sure know how to make music! Dayumm!

TritoneAngel responds:

Thanks for the review dude!

FINALLY someone listens to/reviews this song. I really liked this song and I was getting worried that no one else seemed to show any interest in it.

For some reason, the melody just came to me one day and never left -- I had the melody stuck in my head for weeks before I turned it into a full song. Really struck me as something creepy and deep.

As always, you're cool. Thanks again for the review.

I have left newgrounds, bye.

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